Our design philosophy is to preserve the characteristics of an existing home by highlighting the charm of the past while integrating modern enhancements that complement today’s lifestyle.
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About Us

Hill & Harbor Design + Build Name Origin

Hill & Harbor came about not only as the origin of where we first began our business and initial client location, but also as the types of homes we specialize in.

Homes on “the Hill” regardless of East Greenwich, Newport, College or Watch, have a historical factor that make them unique and desirable.  Along with this distinctive style, there arises many unknowns to the historical homeowner.   At Hill & Harbor Design + Build, we understand the many obstacles that make renovating a historical home so difficult to an owner.  From meeting with district commissions to maintaining the rare features of the home, we commit to updating the historical homes with the integrity they deserve, all the while keeping the client in constant contact with our process.

The “Harbor” side of HHDB is another quintessential trademark of our business.  Rhode Island boasts some of the most beautiful shoreline in the world.  At HHDB we are able to assist the seaside home owner in not only renovation, but in a new build as well.  Our expansive knowledge in local DEM and building guidelines is second nature and an integral component to our design process .  You may have the vision, we have the means to make it happen effectively and efficiently.

Our Services

Our services cover all areas in your design and build project

CRMC – Coastal Resources Management Council

RIDEM – Rhode Island Depart of Environmental Management

FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency

Local Zoning Boards

Local Planning Boards

Building Permits

HDC – Historic District Commissions

Structural Engineering

Site Engineering


Interior Design

Interior Decorating


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