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Historic Home Renovation

For many people, owning a historic home is an aspirational dream. The connection to bygone eras and the romance that comes with owning an older home are tremendous perks.

And, in states like Rhode Island, the opportunities abound. From mansions and estates to colonial farms, our state has a tremendous number of historically significant homes.

However, older homes also come with a unique set of challenges.

Because they were built in earlier times, they generally are not optimized for modern living. They also often have systems and appliances that are inefficient, or worse, no longer functional.

Further, things such as window casings, layouts of interior rooms, and other “structural” qualities often cannot be altered from their original designs, limiting the improvements that can be made.

So what can you do if you own a historic home, or are looking to purchase — but need to have a partial or full renovation or restoration?

The first step is to find a renovation/restoration expert that is not only capable of high-end residential construction but is also steeped in the history and traditions of the New England region, and Rhode Island in particular. A contractor like Hill and Harbor Design and Build checks these boxes and more.

Not just a fully licensed contractor, we also have the aesthetic sense needed to do historic home renovations.

We also have a working knowledge of the special permitting and regulations in historic districts throughout Rhode Island, so you can be assured that the work will not only be top quality but also will meet the standards of the state Historical Preservation and Heritage Commission and local historic associations.

By working with Hill and Harbor you can have the best of all possible worlds. We will upgrade your home to become more livable, more family-friendly, and more efficient, while also maintaining its historic charm, character, and status. We will enhance the pride of ownership you feel, as well as your sense of comfort. And, if you are renovating as part of an investment with the hopes of selling, these improvements will make the home more marketable and will maximize its value.

If you are considering the purchase of a historic home, or currently own one and are looking to upgrade its look and utility, give the experts at Hill and Harbor a call. Let our team help you realize the full potential of any home!

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